In the field of energy saving, SCA introduce systems that, in the first step, perform measurement, archiving and analysis of the most important electrical values of the low voltage network. The measuring point can be:

  • Transformer station (one or more within an industrial facility),
  • Main distribution cabinet,
  • Distribution cabinet that supplies a group of consumers,
  • Distribution cabinet that supplies some of the larger individual consumers.

The measurement is performed using a network analyzer. One or more network analyzers are connected to a computer on which all measured values are archived, displayed and analyzed. The method of data transfer from the network analyzer to the computer is diverse (wired connection, radio connection, etc.) and depends on the specific project.

One of the SCA Energo software packages is installed on the computer. The type of software package depends on the specific project. The range of software solutions is tailored to the needs of users.

  • Simple and fast solutions – installation on one computer
  • Comprehensive system – the possibility of multi-user work with analysis and reporting
  • Integration with the existing user control system (SCADA)

The introduction of a system for continuous measurement, archiving and analysis of the parameters of the low voltage electricity network is the first, but necessary step towards taking further measures that directly lead to electricity savings, ie to visible financial effects. The effects of the introduction of the system are:

  • Possibility of continuous monitoring and archiving of electricity network parameters and especially consumption
  • Ability to monitor and verify savings
  • Possibility to control the quality of electricity delivered by the electricity distribution company
  • Possibility to control the correctness of reactive energy compensation plants
  • Ability to monitor peak load and implement measures to reduce it
  • Possibility of timely detection of potential equipment failures

For the purposes of analyzing the parameters of the electrical network, SCA has developed a range of software products (SCA Energo) intended for typical users and applications.

  • Energo-1 Intended for the purposes of simple insight into the parameters of the electrical network of one or more consumers.
  • Energo-PRO Intended for complex applications where, in addition to insight into the parameters of the electrical network, detailed data processing is required for the selected time interval with reporting and insight into the time diagram of various parameters.
  • Energo-NET It offers the same quality as SCA Energo-PRO but is intended for use in a computer network where multiple users can perform data analysis.
  • Energo-OPC Intended for integration with a supervisory control (SCADA) system that uses OPC technological technologies.

All Energo software products support communication with one or more network analyzers from different manufacturers. The RS-485 bus is used as standard for communication with network analyzers, but other combinations are possible depending on the location where the network analyzers are located and the distance from the computer. In the initial place, it is possible to use a radio connection, ie a local computer network (Ethernet).


Network analyzer

As the monitoring of electrical supply network parameters and possible energy savings become more and more relevant, there is a need for measurements that would simultaneously display a larger number of electrical parameters in real time. Classical instruments with a display scale and most previous digital instruments have not been able to meet this requirement. […]



  • Ceramics industry, Novi Bečej (“Polet”)
  • Fodder factory, Bečej (“Bečejka”)
  • Electrical construction company, Novi Sad (“Energotehnika – Južna Bačka”)
  • PET packaging factory, Novi Sad (“Rapid”)
  • Silo, Prigrevica (“Victoria Group”)
  • Silo, Srpski Itebej (“Victoria Group”)

Savings calculator

The following calculators provide insight into possible electricity savings based on the parameters entered by the visitor of this site. The result of each calculation is a concrete saving expressed in money (EUR). Calculators refer to savings in electric motor drives (electric motors and pumps) and savings related to excessive power taken from the network […]