Network analyzer

As the monitoring of electrical supply network parameters and possible energy savings become more and more relevant, there is a need for measurements that would simultaneously display a larger number of electrical parameters in real time.

Classical instruments with a display scale and most previous digital instruments have not been able to meet this requirement. The disadvantages of classical measuring instruments are:

  • Measurement of the only one electrical quantity (U, I, P, Q, S, Ea, Er …)
  • Local display without the possibility of transfer to a computer
  • Measurements in operation are elementary, without the possibility of a more serious analysis of the obtained values
  • Accuracy and reliability depend on the human factor due to the need to record values ​​manually.

Network analyzers are devices that simultaneously measure and display a large number of electrical parameters in a single-phase, two-phase and three-phase (three-wire or four-wire) electrical network. The advantages and capabilities of the network analyzer are:

  • Simultaneous measurement and display of a large number of parameters (voltage, current, power, energy, power factor, frequency, harmonics)
  • Function of active and reactive power and energy meters in operating conditions
  • Possibility of communication with the monitoring computer which enables:
    • Archiving of all measured parameters with the possibility of analysis
    • Integration of the analyzers into the supervisor-control and/or information system
    • Possibility to take actions to save electricity
  • Low price.

SCA supports all leading network analyzer manufacturers and provides an integrated software solution that enables transparent integration of network analyzers into the existing information system as well as the implementation of an independent system according to user needs.