SCADA system (eng. Supervisory control and data acquisition) consists of software and hardware elements that enable:

  • Control of industrial processes locally or from remote locations
  • Real-time monitoring, data acquisition and data processing
  • Direct interaction with devices, such as sensors, valves, pumps, motors, etc. via the HMI application
  • Notification of the events and alarms and their archiving
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Modern SCADA systems provide access to the production process from anywhere in the world. The introduction of modern IT standards, such as SQL and web-based applications in SCADA software, has significantly improved the efficiency, security, productivity and reliability of SCADA systems.

For the needs of developing SCADA applications in the field of water treatment, SCA uses SCADA systems from renowned world manufacturers: zenon COPA-DATA, WinCC Siemens, CX-Supervisor Omron, National Instruments Lookout, etc.

Typical applications support operation on one or more monitors, or on one or more PC workstations. Systems with a SCADA server and one or more clients or with redundant servers are also often used.