About us

SCA exists since 1995 but is established as a privatelly owned company in 2002. Since its establishment, SCA has been working in the field of consulting and software engineering in the field of industrial automation with special focus on PLC/HMI technology, data communications and local and/or remote control and data acquisition systems (SCADA systems). In this field, SCA has a lot of references both on domestic and international market.

As a result of expertise in the area of data transfer and communication technologies, SCA has entered a field of vehicle satellite tracking and fleet management for clients with large fleet of vehicles. In this field, SCA is the author of complete technology (TERA system) which has found applications in many domestic companies.

SCA employs experienced engineers in the field of electrical engineering and computer systems. Our team is capable of offering high quality consulting services as well as complete solutions in all areas of our expertise.

Since 1995, SCA has an intensive cooperation with company Festo in the field of software development for Festo equipment. This development includes drivers for Festo PLC devices as well as special communication drivers for Festo SCADA system. SCA is author of OPC technology (Festo OPC EasyServer) which is a produt of Festo as well as EasyGSM product designed for SMS communication with Festo PLC devices.

Besides cooperation with Festo in the field of software development, SCA is also a local distributor of Festo products.