TERA system is a complete and comprehensive solution (“turnkey”) for satellite vehicle tracking (AVL) and fleet management that provides users with detailed information about the location and performance of a single vehicles and the complete fleet. The design, modularity and quality of the TERA systems guarantee reliable operation and offer a wide range of applications, even for the most demanding customers.

  • TERA logistics is a system for satellite tracking of the vehicle fleet intended primarily for companies that have larger fleets of vehicles and have serious requirements in fleet management logistics.
  • TERA protection is a system that significantly raises the level of protection and safety of vehicles and goods. This high level of protection and security is achieved by a combination of several factors and the introduction of active and passive protection.
  • TERA web package enables satellite vehicle tracking and fleet management via the public Internet. The only tool the client needs is an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Of course, the user must have (from his computer) access to the Internet.

The result of these and many other requirements are 3 packages that can be used individually, but can also be combined for more complete functionality depending on the cutomers requirements.


Tera devices

TERA devices are specially designed for use in motor vehicles where the impact of vibration and extreme temperature conditions is significant and can affect the functionality of the device. TERA devices have a number of international certificates and meet the standards required for installation and use in motor vehicles. The reliability and quality of TERA […]



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  • Zavod za hitnu medicinsku pomoć Novi Sad
  • Ribolovački savez Vojvodine
  • AD Podunavlje
  • JP Ada Ciganlija
  • Smitran Trade, AES Serbia
  • Sigma Line (distributer za Mercator)

TERA Calculator

TERA calculator illustrates the calculation of (for an entire fleet on a yearly basis): Fuel expenses, Financial savings given the anticipated fuel savings (expressed in percent) are achieved. Values given in the table (‘average fuel consumption per vehicle’ and ‘yearly mileage’) are realistic and obtained from leasing companies. These values can be adapted to more […]