Tera devices

TERA devices are specially designed for use in motor vehicles where the impact of vibration and extreme temperature conditions is significant and can affect the functionality of the device. TERA devices have a number of international certificates and meet the standards required for installation and use in motor vehicles.

The reliability and quality of TERA devices are extremely important because they must not in any way affect the functioning of the vehicle and the system in the vehicle, which could otherwise invalidate the warranty that the manufacturer/distributor gives to the vehicle.

TERA devices can be (according to the purpose) grouped into 4 categories:

  • TERA fleet – devices for vehicle monitoring with detection of engine operation, doors, etc.
  • TERA can – vehicle tracking devices with the possibility of connecting to the on-board computer of the vehicle
  • TERA protection – vehicle tracking devices with safety functions for vehicle protection
  • TERA cargo – devices for tracking goods in transport.

Extremely large possibilities of device configuration and application methods highlight TERA device compared to other competing products.

All types of TERA devices are characterized by extremely low consumption and flexibility in application in different conditions and for different purposes. All devices are open for different connection methods such as:

  • Temperature sensor for temperature measurement (truck cooling chamber, etc.)
  • Impact sensor with special functions that prevent false alarms
  • Fuel tank lid opening sensor (for trucks and buses)
  • Fuel level sensor in the tank with elimination of false alarms due to buzzing, etc.
  • Support for hands-free communication with the driver
  • Support for text communication with the driver via a mobile LCD terminal
  • Navigation via a connected Garmin navigation device with remote sending of the destination to the driver

The basic features of the TERA device are:

  • Power supply 9-32 V DC with optional internal Li-Ion battery
  • Consumption in normal mode 1W (~ 83 mA), in hibernation 14 mW (~ 1 mA)
  • Communication via GPRS and/or SMS technology
  • Possibility of remote device configuration change
  • Digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs
  • Small dimensions 78x106x28 mm and weight 315 g
  • Operating temperature range -20 to 55 °C

TERA fleet

TERA fleet device is ideal for installation in a wide range of vehicles in order to remotely monitor the movement and operation of the vehicles. Easy installation, small size, rich range of possibilities and low price make it attractive for users who want a higher degree of control and reduced vehicles operating costs. TERA fleet […]

TERA can

TERA can device, completely identical to the TERA fleet device, additionally contains the possibility for connecting the device to the “on-board” computer of the vehicle in order to download additional information about the condition of the vehicle and the vehicle system. Parameters that can be downloaded from the vehicle computer include, among others: Vehicle speed […]

TERA protection

TERA protection device, completely identical to the TERA fleet device, additionally contains advanced vehicle protection functions. In this sense, the installation of the device in the vehicle is specific. TERA protection device, for efficient vehicle protection function, must be installed in the vehicle as follows: Built-in motor operation detection Built-in door openness detection Built-in engine […]

TERA cargo

TERA cargo device is specially designed for installation on facilities where there is no external power supply and the need for long-term autonomy of work is expected. The primary purpose is installation on containers, freight railway wagons, truck trailers, etc. TERA cargo device, considering its purpose, has the following characteristics: Internal long-lasting and rechargeable Li-Polymer […]