The term water treatment primarily refers to plants for the treatment of drinking water and wastewater, but this area also includes control systems for pumping stations, ship locks, well automation, etc.

The integration of modern solutions in the protection of natural water sources in the process of production and processing of wastewater, contributes to the creation of conditions for the development of a healthy environment with healthy human resources. World trends indicate that clean water sources will be more important in the 21st century than oil and natural gas sources. This indicates to us that we must, in every possible way, protect our resources.
The main goal when considering any of the above water supply systems is the protection of the environment, natural resources and energy savings.
Thanks to many years of experience in the field of process automation in water supply, SCA is able to provide optimal solutions for monitoring and control using the latest generation of equipment and software tools.


SCADA system (eng. Supervisory control and data acquisition) consists of software and hardware elements that enable:

  • Control of industrial processes locally or from remote locations
  • Real-time monitoring, data acquisition and data processing
  • Direct interaction with devices, such as sensors, valves, pumps, motors, etc. via the HMI application
  • Notification of the events and alarms and their archiving
  • View trends

Modern SCADA systems provide access to the production process from anywhere in the world. The introduction of modern IT standards, such as SQL and web-based applications in SCADA software, has significantly improved the efficiency, security, productivity and reliability of SCADA systems.

For the needs of developing SCADA applications in the field of water treatment, SCA uses SCADA systems from renowned world manufacturers: zenon COPA-DATA, WinCC Siemens, CX-Supervisor Omron, National Instruments Lookout, etc.

Typical applications support operation on one or more monitors, or on one or more PC workstations. Systems with a SCADA server and one or more clients or with redundant servers are also often used.

Remote monitoring

Industrial automation is no longer limited to the walls of the production plant. Increasingly, control tasks are performed via remote communication. Innovative digital technologies are increasingly transforming, not only the water treatment sector, but also other industrial sectors.

For the needs of remote communication, SCA selects adequate telecommunication equipment and communication protocols, to establish a communication link between the production process and the remote SCADA system.

In the field of remote monitoring, we also include the notification of warnings/alarms to users via e-mail or SMS notifications.


Drinking and waste water treatment plants:

  • Automation of GAU filters, technological pumping stations, ozonation in the new water factory Štrand, Novi Sad (“JKP Vodovod i kanalizacija”)
  • Control of chemical dosing, sand and GAU filters, clean water tanks, Kopaonik  (“JKP Kruševac”)
  • Filter washing, Štrand, Novi Sad (“JKP Vodovod i kanalizacija”)
  • Automation of coagulation stations, UV disinfection, pumping stations and blowers at the facility Majdevo, Kruševac (“”)
  • Automation of functional units: dosing of chemicals, ozonation, transformer stations, chlorination, sludge thickener, Shipol, Kosovska Mitrovica (“”)
  • Pretreatment, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, pumping stations, CIP automation of the water factory plant in Zrenjanin (“Synertech”)
  • Inđija
  • Subotica
  • Automation of coarse and fine grates, inlet pumping station, gravel classifier, gravel and grease remover, primary precipitators, active sludge removers, aeration and blowers, secondary precipitators, recirculation sludge pumping station, FeCl3 dosing station at the wastewater treatment plant Vrbas, (“Veolia”)


Pumping stations and wells:

  • Štrand, Novi Sad
  • Smederevska Palanka
  • Kruševac
  • Grocka
  • Banja Koviljača


Pumping stations for wastewater and irrigation:

  • Control of the pumping station for receiving and transporting wastewater Borča (“JKP BVK”)
  • Automation of 8 sewage pumping stations with remote access from SCADA computer in Obrovac, Bačka Palanka (“JKP Komunalprojekt”)
  • Irrigation System, which includes water inlet, pumping station with level regulation in the tank, Udovički Plato, Smederevo (“JVP Srbijavode”)
  • Remote monitoring and control of the CS Klisa facility, Novi Sad (“JKP Vodovod i kanalizacija”)


Ship locks and constitutions:

  • Monitoring and control of the sinking gate and double doors on the Novi Sad lock (“JVP Vode Vojvodine”)
  • Automation of the double-leaf gate and the segmental shutter on the Bečej lock (“JVP Vode Vojvodine”)
  • Control of the operation of the shutter in the fields of the constitution and the lock at the Brana na Tisi facility, Bečej (“JVP Vode Vojvodine”)


  Download reference list in .pdf  format with description of individual projects