Energo-OPC is a software package intended for transparent integration of the network analyzer into the SCADA monitoring and control system.

Energo-OPC is an OPC server that allows communication with all supported network analyzers while all parameters collected from the network analyzer are available to SCADA. All SCADAs that support OPC (client) technology are supported. An example of these SCADAs is:

  • Zenon (CopaData)
  • CX Supervisor (Omron)
  • GE Fanuc
  • WinCC (Siemens)
  • Wonderware
  • and others

Energo-OPC is a transparent OPC server without a user interface. SCADA’s task is to create variables (tags) that are defined in the address space of the OPC server. During operation, the OPC server will automatically refresh the values of the variables after downloading the parameters from the corresponding network analyzer. In addition to the variables (tags) that correspond to the parameters on the network analyzer, the OPC server also supports diagnostic tags that allow monitoring the quality of communication with each network analyzer.