As a complement to various automated industrial processes, SCA offers complete monitoring and control solutions (planning, equipment delivery, software design and implementation) for:

  • Facilities processing drinking and waste water
  • Factories mixing animal feeds
  • Flour mills and silo plants
  • Biscuits and human food processing in general
  • Crude oil plants
  • Electric power plants (transformer stations, thermal power stations)
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Many others, dependent on client requests …

Automatizacija u industriji - SCA

Within the field of process monitoring and control, energy savings can be accomplished by analysing the low-voltage segment of the grid and taking appropriate measures in reactive energy compensation and power factor improvements (correction).

Our area of expertise includes software solutions for remote process monitoring and control, such as:

  • Central and/or distributed process monitoring using SCADA systems
  • Local and/or remote monitoring and process control (PLC, HMI)
  • Communication technologies and links to remote users (remote locations)

In addition to standard communication technologies, which include fiber-optic/cable communications (RS-485, Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, etc.) as well as radio communication links, we are prepared to solve more complex problems where GSM communication (GPRS and/or SMS) is used for data transfer. We are therefore able to offer complete communication systems suitable to client needs.

Equipments and softwares

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Process industry

  • Automation of expediture, admission and transport of food grains (Victoria Group, Serbia)
  • Admission conveyer for food grains speed control (silo plant), (Victoria Group, Serbia)
  • Speed regulation for mechanical extractor in vertical drying plant for food grains (Victoria Group, Serbia)
  • Automation of pellet line (FSH Jabuka, Serbia)
  • Automation of cattle food production process (FSH Sto posto, Velika Plana, Serbia)
  • Positioning of lasers mounted on electric axeses in tyre production (Tigar Tyres, Pirot)
  • Controling operation of fast switching valve (Tigar Tyres, Pirot)
  • Coal wash water treatment (Coal mine Soko, Soko Banja)
  • Automating line for batching, measuring and mixing, material transport (Centroproizvod, Belgrade)
  • Automating liquid dosing (Veterinarski Zavod, Zemun)


  • OPC server for GPRS commnunication with Festo and Omron PLC-s (JKP Belgrade waterworks and seweage, Serbia)
  • SCADA software and communications (JKP Belgrade waterworks and seweage, Serbia)
  • Water spring control (JKP Waterworks and sewerage, Novi Sad, Serbia)
  • System for remote monitoring and control (JKP Waterworks and sewerage, Novi Sad, Serbia)
  • Radio-system for data acquisition from measuring points in water distribution network (JKP Waterworks and sewerage, Novi Sad, Serbia)

Crude oil processing Industry

  • OPC server for HART communication with Emerson multivariable transmitters (Naftagas, Novi Sad, Serbia)
  • Encrypted communication via SMS messages between control center and oil fields (Naftagas, Novi Sad, Serbia)

International references

  • Automating production of semi-frozen pastry (EvronFoods, Ireland)
  • EasyGSM, SMS communication between process systems (Festo, Germany)
  • Radio-communication control, Broderson radio modem (Waterworks, Stuttgart, Germany)
  • SCADA Ethernet commnunication drivers (Thermal plant, Siersza, Poland)
  • Many drivers for Festo PLC equipment intended for the international market (Festo, Germany)

Consulting services

In the field of industrial process automation, we offer consultation services related to all stages of the project, namely:

  • Consulting in the planning stage,
  • Consulting in the implementation stage,
  • Consulting in the phase of reconstruction,
  • Technical support.

Upon request, we are ready to organize and perform technical presentations in various fields of process automation, according to our customer needs.

Our team of engineers has respectable experience in the field of industrial automation and possesses adequate engineering planning and implementation licenses issued by the Engineers Chamber of Serbia (license code group 352 and 453).